Holler 4 Support

If you’re a customer of Holler then one of the main reasons you’ve chosen to work with us will be our support. It underpins everything we do at Holler and we’ve worked hard to make sure we’re accessible, easy to connect with and accountable.

The Holler Helpdesk offers true 24/7 for those customers that require round-the-clock support, but is available to every customer whether your prefer to call, email, web chat or use our dedicated Customer Portal. It’s all underpinned by our class-leading CRM system, HubSpot. So whether your preference is to call the engineer directly, send a non-urgent request by webchat or email, or call the main Holler Helpdesk number, you’re welcome to do so. And all historical and real-time tickets are available on the web-based portal.

Holler Hollistic Service Management (HHSM)

For our IP telephony customers all of our Support Contracts are sold as standard with our Holler Holistic Service Management (HHSM) software to keep their communication systems performing at their best.

HHSM provides a whole new world of interaction insight in the unified communications and contact centre space, HHSM collects data on a massive scale, overlaying AI-based analytics, automation, workflows, reporting, and notifications to keep the technology that underpins customer interactions running flawlessly.

Put simply HHSM means you have the software and dashboards to monitor the quality of your voice network, the resources (trunks/stations), proactive alarm reporting, backups, manage your assets and the concurrent licence requirements moving forward. HHSM has been known to save businesses more than the cost of the Support Contract entirely.

Holler Managed Service

Of course, it might be that you’re looking for a fully Managed Service? Whether you’re a business executive or a seasoned IT pro, using managed services can make your job easier.

When effectively executed, a Managed Service is like gaining the capability of an IT Department with the expertise of outsourced professionals to deliver applications and services to your users allowing any in-house IT staff to focus on their core competencies. And normally this is billed on a per user per month basis to help forecasting and budgeting.

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