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twiindata offers complete control of your network with flexible technology and commercials, delivering new revenue streams and best-in-class return on investment. twiindata offers you complete control of your network with one simple box, giving you the ability to monitor bandwidth usage to client level and enabling new upselling opportunities. We don’t want to clutter up your comms room, so we’ve developed our network management service, twiindata. All you need is one box on-site to monitor and manage your network.

twiindata meets corporate IT needs

As large companies are increasingly attracted by the benefits of running their businesses from flexible workspaces, you need to offer solutions to meet their exact IT requirements, across multiple offices on one site, or even across your portfolio. Key to this is reassuring IT managers that they have a secure and cost-efficient solution.

twiindata’s flexibility is designed to IT-enable your offering to fit your tenants’ specific needs:

  • Enabling clients to create a secure data connection to their own VPN – utilising our infrastructure – meaning that they will not compromise their companies’ security policies.
  • A seamless WiFi solution across your workspace
  • Central billing and support

Are you looking to self manage?

Rent: Managed support from our team as you need it
Buy: A full solution for your in-house IT team to set up and manage

Are you looking for a managed solution?

Rent: A stress free solution, leave the technical stuff to us
Buy: Own your equipment and have the back up of our support team

We offer a unique completely flexible pricing model – buy or rent, or a combination of the two – to suit your business. We know that you need your network to be a revenue generator; not an infrastructure cost and we can work with you

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